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Paving is finished and the garage door is on

The paving is all finished and the site has been cleaned. The garage door has also been installed.

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Flooring, painting and appliances

Flooring has been installed by Trevor’s Carpets throughout the house. All external painting and touch-ups finished and the kitchen appliances have been installed. All that’s left is some brick paving and the garage door to be fitted!

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Ceilings, fences, cabinets and more concrete!

Sorry for the delay. All the doors and frames have been painted, benches and basic plumbing has been done, the bath tub has been installed and the fences have been started. Also the garage floor has been concreted.

20160920_165014 20160920_164814image220160914_17431020160920_165014 20160920_164814 20160920_164800

Ceilings patched and glass has been installed

The Ceilings were patched up today and the cornice was started. All the windows and and glass sliding doors were installed on Friday, 02/09/2016.20160902_160902

20160902_160736 20160902_160847 20160902_160842 20160902_160745

Plastering Finished And Ceilings Up

The plasterers have finished their job and the ceilings are up. They still need to level them out and fit the all the cornicing.

20160830_17243720160830_172429 20160830_172447

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