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Cooper’s Turn

Cooper was jealous of his mother’s masonry skills and decided last night that he to was going to lay a brick on the new house. So this morning before school, Rachel took Cooper to ask the builders if he could have a go.


Brickwork Progress

Walls are going up relativity quickly, the brickies had a couple of days off due to bad weather. Rachel wearing the best safety gear money can buy asked the brickie if she could lay a brick, which he happily obliged teaching her how.

image2 image1


Brickwork start has started

The brickies started laying the bricks today. They focused on the outer layer and the form work on the garage.

20160623_164527 20160623_164532 20160623_164618 20160623_164847

Bricks have arrived

The bricks got delivered today, the brickie should be starting tomorrow if the weather is clear.

20160621_165420 20160621_165424 20160621_165437 20160621_165503


Site power and land cleared


Site power got installed on the 14th of June. All the last of the storm water pipes were installed and buried.


The wife was a little annoyed the pad got ‘dirtied’ when the piping was installed.


We went past the block today (Saturday, 18th of June) and saw someone ruling up lines on the pad. We spoke to the man who turns out to be one of the brickies who will be starting the walls on Wednesday (22nd of June). He also said the bricks and frames should be turning up on Tuesday (21st of June).


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