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Rendering finished and plastering has begun

The weather slowed the internal rendering but it was finished on Wednesday, 17/08/2016, and the wall plastering today, 22/08/2016.

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Roof Completed

The roof got installed on Friday, 5/8/2016. It comes together quite nicely with the bricks.

20160805_170932 20160805_170852 20160805_170752 20160805_170607 20160805_170504

Electrical, Gas, Water and Guttering Done

The electrical cabling, water and gas piping and the guttering has been completed.

20160803_172429 20160803_172348


20160803_172124 20160803_172141


The Colourbond roofing and insulation batts were delivered today as well. Fingers crossed the roof starts tomorrow.



Roof Framing Progress

The roof carpenters are nearly finished with the roof frame and the external ceilings.

20160726_171742 20160726_171812 20160726_171833 20160726_171903 20160726_171939

The beams supporting the patio area have also been secured to the concrete padding laid for them during the original pour.


Brickwork Finished, Roof Frame Started

The brickwork was finished on Thursday, the 8th of July, including the acid wash on the bricks.

20160718_144528 20160718_144727 20160718_144828

The wood for the roof frame arrived on Tuesday the 12th of July with construction starting the next day.

20160721_170532 20160723_090327  20160723_090534

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