My wife and I have decided to take the plunge into home ownership. Instead of buying an established house, we’ve decided to ruin our year by building a house instead.

We’ve found a 450m2 block of land in a nice leafy green suburb overlooking a nature reserve. The advantages of this is we have 50% less neighbours and somewhere nice to walk our dog and let our 4 year old son run around. The block is a little small for my liking, but the fact we can go across the road to do outdoorsy things makes up for this.


For building the actual home, we decided to go through Homebuyers Centre. Their house designs are inclusion packages are rather generous, but don’t include air conditioning, and while this is a pain in Perth’s hot climate, this is something we can get after the build. We decided on Homebuyers Centre’s Bayview style house. This includes 4 bedrooms, theatre room and an open plan study.

BayviewHomebuyers Centre don’t actually have a Bayview house available as a display home, but we found a display home in Aveley called the Aspire. It wasn’t exactly the same as it was missing the open plan study and the laundry was in a different area, but we wanted to be able to see the rough size of the rooms. Also the house and block were the same size as we are buying so we wanted to actually see the size of our soon to be backyard.

AspireWhile we were there, I took some photos of the landscaping just so I can spend the next year worrying about installing reticulation and how we are going to make it look. Obviously minus the fake grass.


The next step is waiting on the builders contract to be written up and going into the Osborne Park showroom to start getting an idea on tiling and fittings.